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After §5 para.1 of the Austrian e-Commerce Act (ECG) and §24 Media Act, we hereby announce as operators and media owner of this website:

Hotel Salzburg
Kees Hotel Salzburg GmbH & Co KG
Familie Michael & Barbara Kees
Reiterkogelweg 182
A-5754 Hinterglemm

Tel.: +43 6541 / 6345
Fax: +43 6541 / 6345-57

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Trade and administrative information:

  • UID/VAT#: ATU49463405
  • Commercial register#: FN195947h
  • Authority according to ECG: Bezirkshauptmannschaft Zell am See
  • Authority register (GISA#): 506/18636079 (Hotel business)
  • Place of jurisdiction: Zell am See
  • KSV1870#: 1092310

International bank data:

  • SWIFT/BIC: RVSAAT2S052 (Raiffeisenbank Hinterglemm-Saalbach-Viehhofen)
  • IBAN: AT41 3505 2000 0001 3185

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We have in terms of readability of the content of this website or in our different social networks in which we operate, either selected male or female form of personal names. This implies no discrimination of the opposite sex.

This website is not fully functional, unfortunately for people with physical disabilities, such as vision, hearing or others. If you or somebody else is affected, we apologize and would like to help through our other communication channels. Please feel free to contact the Arbitration Board for Disability Equality Ministry of Social Affairs of the Republic of Austria.


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In the case of direct and indirect references to other internet sites, so-called links, which are outside the responsibility of the KEES HOTEL SALZBURG GMBH & CO KG, an obligation to assume liability would take effect exclusively in the case of the KEES HOTEL SALZBURG GMBH & CO KG having knowledge of the content, and it having been technically feasible and reasonable to have prevented its use in the case of it unlawful illegal content. The KEES HOTEL SALZBURG GMBH & CO KG herewith expressly declares that at the time of setting the link, no unlawful content was recognisable on the linked sites. The KEES HOTEL SALZBURG GMBH & CO KG has no influence on the current or future design, contents or authorship of the linked pages. The KEES HOTEL SALZBURG GMBH & CO KG thus explicitly dissociates itself herewith from all contents of all the linked pages that have been changed after setting the links. This applies to all links and references within the scope of the company's own Internet offer and for entries by third parties in the guest books, discussion forums, mailing lists set up by the company. The provider to the respective publications is not liable for any and all illegal, erroneous, or incomplete content and especially for damages, which might occur due to the usage or non-usage of such information provided, but rather the author of the respective pages is liable for all content and results thereof.

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Online Dispute Resolution

Since 9th January 2016 an EU regulation on online dispute resolution applies in consumer affairs (# 524/2013). Disputes between consumers and merchants in connection of online sales contracts or online service contracts can be settled through the following online platform.




If any parts or individual formulations of this text should fail to conform to the valid legal situation, or be no longer or not fully in conformity therewith, this shall not affect the content or validity of the remaining parts of the document.

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