Fair Play

The Saalbach Hinterglemm hiking and biking region offers over 400 km of marked hiking and biking trails. These paths are sometimes restricted to hikers, sometimes to bikers, and sometimes they can be used both by hikers and bikers alike. For this reason, we ask that you show mutual respect and understanding while you are out and about in our beautiful mountains.


  • Ride only with a helmet and additional safety gear  
  • Ride only on a bike that is in excellent technical condition  
  • Stay on marked trails and paths
  • Only ride as fast as you can still manage to brake safely
  • Ride on routes appropriate to your skills and physical condition  
  • Obey all signs and instructions
  • Show mutual respect to fellow bikers & hikers  
  • Yield to hikers on narrower paths  
  • A friendly "Hi!" always encourages friendly interactions  
  • Close all gates and fences  
  • Respect, and be gentle to plants and animals  
  • Don't leave any litter behind in the countryside
  • Avoid noise and unnecessary tracks caused by braking  
  • Always expect to encounter farm and forestry vehicles  
  • Expect to encounter wildlife, farm animals and pets along trails  
  • Never forget bad-weather gear, spare inner tube etc.
  • Forestry roads are used for commercial purposes. Expect to encounter lumber and wood on the road, grazing cattle and motorized vehicles