Bike´n Soul Tour & Freeride Guiding

A visit to our biking region guarantees extraordinary mountain-biking adventures. With the help of our Bike´n Soul Guides you have the opportunity to experience even more.

Mountain Bike Touring & GPS

Guided tours from Monday to Saturday in all difficulty levels. The touring program is selected to ensure that beginners and more experienced participants all find it rewarding. Each tour is described in detail (elevation gains, technical requirements etc.).

Different groups are created as needed. You simply choose the group that best fits you. We do our best to make sure that all groups set out on the same basic tour, allowing us to all meet up again at a mountain hut for lunch - it's simply more fun that way. So, one group will get to sweat their way up 1,000 vertical meters, while another only has to cope with 500 vm, or you simply get to ride all the way up on the gondola lift.

Our guides will be happy to advise what's best for you.

Tuesday: Freeride technique course followed by a freeride tour. Wednesday and Saturday: Big 5 Freeride Tour. The opportunities for freeriders in the "Bike Circus" are overwhelming, so we often offer additional tours as needed.

The Big 5 "Grande X-Trema" is the epitome of boundless freeriding enjoyment. An entire day for freeriding on the region's hottest single trails, joined by the toughest riders under the sun of Glemmtal valley.

Soulriding - biking for everyone, where we don't measure performance in terms of vertical gains, but rather in terms of the fun and relaxation everyone enjoys. We don't hold back from riding the lifts, and we plan in extended breaks for soaking up sunshine next to a mountain tarn etc. Or, we ride from hut to hut ... with good times and good company part of the experience.

Make the most of all the time available to you during your holidays.

For enthusiastic kids ages 10 - 15, the Bike´n Soul Hotels provide them their own freeride guide, with lots of great tips and tricks related to biking!

Once a week, our guides make a visit to the riding-technique practice grounds. There they will provide expert instruction in basic riding skills, then give you a chance to put them into practice. That way, you'll feel comfortable in future even on difficult stages.

Our pros are always right at your side to provide you with the help and tips you need.

  • intensive course in cross-country technique
  • intensive course for freeride rookies, kids, but also experienced bikers  
  • guided XC tours
  • guided freeride tours  

Upon request, you also have the opportunity to book a private Bike´n Soul Guide. (charged extra)

Naturally, you can also explore this biking region without a guide. However, never ride alone, and be sure to let your lodging provider or your friends know the route you have chosen.

We will be glad to assist you in planning your tour.

Youths under 15 can also take part in guided tours, but must be accompanied by at least one parent.